Tower Foreman / Climber / Installer


  • Build/Install/Construct Tower foundation
  • Install/Repair/Replace Tower structure components.
  • Guy wires/ support component installation
  • Shelter Installation
  • Shelter wiring, equipment and grounding Installation
  • Security fence installation
  • Coax, fiber, lines and hybrid cable and connector installation
  • Assist in sweep and testing
  • Weather proofing, color-coding, labeling
  • Connecting coax feed lines and jumpers per piping diagrams, meeting quality requirements
  • Installation of up-top equipment including masts, clamping, bracing, supports, antennas, RRUs, cabling, bolting, truing up,
  • Shooting proper azimuth within tolerances, torquing to specifications, labeling, picture-taking, documentation,
  • Performing lead work on tower top, looking after all aspects of work while at the tower top, ensuring that a quality installation has been performed, including rigging, hoisting, landing, fastening and load hopping
  • Meeting closeout requirements
  • Responsible for site crew scheduling
  • Responsible to monitor and maintain equipment, tools, and vehicles
  • Providing communication and direction to site crew
  • Maintaining project time-line
  • Completing daily field reports and Job Safety Analysis.
  • Providing input on initial site assessment
  • Collection and review all project documentation and submit per required time lines
  • Participation in and or provide instruction on any required continuous training
  • Completion of required time card documentation
  • Monitoring and enforcement of all company and outside required safety policies and procedures.
  • All other duties as assigned

Tower Foreman/Climber/Installer Job Duties



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